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39th Annual Arizona Lectureship

The Arizona Lectureship was designed to strengthen the local churches, and create a more cohesive element between them so that the world and our denominational friends can learn more about the plea to restore the New Testament Church in today’s world.

The Arizona Lectureship was also intended to keep us united in our teachings and preaching, so that we will continue to “Speak where the Bible speaks, and be silent where the Bible is silent.”  It also gives younger Christians, who are aspiring for leadership, a sound biblical base upon which to build.

The Arizona Lecureship operates under no organization aside from the local congregations that sponsor it.  There are no presidents, secretaries, treasurers, nor any other office as such.  No one legislates law nor hands down decisions to be bound on congregations.  The Arizona Lectureship is not a delegated convention for that purpose nor any other purpose that conflicts with the teachings of the scripture.  We do not meet to select any official over the Church, nor to oust anyone.


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